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How to choose a suitable LED spherical screen for Museum / Shopping Mall Project?

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How to choose a suitable LED spherical screen for Museum / Shopping Mall Project?
Latest company news about How to choose a suitable LED spherical screen for Museum / Shopping Mall Project?


LED spherical screen is a kind of creative LED display, and it is also a special-shaped LED display, bringing a novel visual experience. The following are the principles, characteristics and three major categories of spherical LED display:

1. Principle of spherical LED display

It is composed of core control module, rotating display module, wireless module, font module, motor drive module and power supply. The fan blade is designed as a circle, and there is a circle of LED lamp beads on the fan blade. The luminous color of the LED is monochrome or multi-color. When the fan blade rotates around the central axis, a sphere will be produced, and all of the spheres are LED, cooperate with the font software, when the fan blade goes to the corresponding position, light up the corresponding point, so that you can control the display content of a spherical surface.



2. Features of spherical LED display

1). The LED spherical screen can be used in outdoor and indoor, the display pixel is large in pitch, and has a certain decorative effect on the large screen display occasions. It is an LED display application product that lives between ordinary conventional display screens and lighting.

2). The pixel outlet is a high-temperature and low-temperature silicone cable with professional waterproof connectors. The professionally designed and fully-sealed waterproof structure has a protection level of IP67 and can adapt to various indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity environments. The working environment can reach -20 and + 80 degrees Celsius, can work under the rain;

3). The viewing angle of the spherical LED display is 360 degrees, the video is played in all directions, and there is no viewing angle problem of the flat LED display;

4). The LED ball can display full-color video synchronously or asynchronously. The spherical LED display is equipped with a professional audio and video processing system. It supports a variety of external signal access and can achieve live broadcast.

5). The diameter of the LED ball can be designed and produced according to customer requirements, the spherical surface is completely completed by CNC, and the precise module size ensures the consistency of the overall circular curvature of the LED ball.

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3. Types of spherical LED display

1. Watermelon peel LED spherical screen

It consists of a watermelon skin-shaped PCB, which has the advantages of intuitive structure and fewer types of PCB. The disadvantage is that the north-south dipole (that is, north of 45° north latitude and south of 45° south latitude) cannot play images normally, so the screen utilization rate is too low or the image is seriously deformed. The reason is that the pixel points of all current image sources are arranged in rows and columns, and the pixel points of the north and south poles of the watermelon skin LED spherical screen are not arranged in rows and columns, but are arranged in a circle, so It is difficult to display.

2. Triangle LED spherical screen

The spherical screen composed of flat triangular PCB overcomes the shortcoming that the watermelon skin spherical screen can not play images at the north and south poles, so the picture utilization rate is greatly improved. The disadvantage is that there are many types of PCBs, which are limited by the arrangement of pixels in a honeycomb shape, and the dot spacing cannot be too small, and the software writing is more troublesome.

3. Six-sided LED spherical screen

The spherical LED display composed of a quadrilateral PCB has the advantage of being closer to a flat LED display. The minimum dot pitch is similar to that of a flat LED display, with little or no restrictions, so the effect is much better than that of a triangular PCB.

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4. How to choose a suitable LED spherical screen?

The resolution design of the spherical LED display is the same as that of the conventional LED display, that is, it is related to the viewing distance of the LED display. Generally, if it is 2.5 meters away, it is recommended to choose the model P2.5 or P2 model, and 6 meters away, it is recommended to choose P6 or P5, of course, the budget is sufficient, you can also choose higher resolution: P4 or even P3. If it is used for outdoor viewing 10 meters away, you can choose the P10 model.

The specific solution depends on the specific installation environment, audience and budget and other aspects.


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